The typical first post

Yes, I’m just writing this to welcome and to kind of introduce what this company is all about. Now as of this writing this is currently a freelance designer portfolio with the intent to eventually become a production company that creates original content as well as commercial work.

The idea of this production company was thought up many years ago but the groundwork was laid since 2015 in Denver, Colorado. Eventually moving to Guayaquil, Ecuador although not originally from here.

Now, heres the plain and simple truth. I have studied Digital Media and Visual Communications and have been working on and off as a freelance graphic designer for many years. While through the years I have worked very little in the field, I’ve managed to get great insight into a how young people communicate and what motivates them as I have worked for several years as a public school teacher.

This company was created with the intent to produce content that can entertain, inform, and educate while never pandering or handholding to the audience. More information will be available soon but for now this site will be sharing dj mixes, original music, original videos, art and designs.




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